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E.28 Joining the NCFIT Team as a Partner Gym

In this episode, Vanessa and I explain the benefits of partnering up with NCFIT and becoming an NCFIT Partner Gym. NCFIT has been paving the way in the health and fitness industry and we are excited to be jumping on board and becoming a founder

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E.26 Vanessa’s Journey to coaching

Episode – 26 In this episode, head coach, Vanessa describes her personal fitness journey, what inspired her to coach, and what she is currently working on.   If you are interested in working with Vanessa or attending a class at Iron Roots Strong, book a Meet

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A new meaning to rx with whitney shaffer

EPISODE 25 In this podcast, I sit down with member Whitney Shaffer and we discuss her future plans of pursuing medical school in El Paso. We also discuss what she has enjoyed about being a part of Iron Roots over the years and how it

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A chat with Co-founder Chelsea Moore with Ro Fitness

Episode 24 Excited to feature Chelsea Moore, co-founder of Rō Fitness in Austin, TX! **This visit was pre-COVID and was able to drop in and check out a class** In this episode, Chelsea explains her fitness background in rowing and what inspired her to start

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Britt and Vanessa Social Distancing Hour

Episode 22 In this episode, Vanessa and I discuss how COVID-19 is affecting Iron Roots and what we are doing to take steps forward and continue to help as many people we can during this different landscape. 

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Tim Guerra’s Outlook on Fitness

Episode 21 In this episode, IRC member Tim shares his outlook on fitness, his thoughts and first experience with CrossFit and what drives him back to the gym to continue to get better.

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BSing with Bert Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 19 – BSing with Bert Season 1 – Episode 4 In this episode, Bert touches on his wrestling background, shares how he found the “coach (Miguel)” he never had and explains the bond he has with his sister Monica.

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