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5 ways joining Iron Roots can make you money

1. Better Mental Acuity   Multiple studies have shown that exercise improves cognitive ability. In his book “Spark,” Dr. John Ratey shows how exercise helps fight depression, improves focus, and helps you make better decisions. Incorporating daily exercise gives the professional the ability to think through projects,

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Women Make Waves

No one is stronger than the women in our lives. Some of us come to the gym to get stronger. We squat, we deadlift, and we press because we know it will get us closer to that goal. But strength is so much more than

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Iron Roots Reopening Operating Procedures

Reopening COVID-19 Operating Procedures Here is the rundown of what to expect when you attend a class at Iron Roots. Please know that we are taking EVERY precaution possible to keep you safe and healthy. **If you plan on attending, please bring your loaned equipment

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